Exhibition stands

Sərgi Stendləri

Who orders the exhibition stands?

If you are interested in an exhibition stand, you are at the right place. Many exhibitions are held in our country every year. Companies order exhibition stands by contacting printing companies. We have been working in this field for more than 10 years. You can also contact us if you want to order exhibition stands. Prior to the design phase, the company works to determine the location of the exhibition and select the concept of the future stand.

How are exhibition stands made?

Exhibition stands are designed for projects using almost all types of materials, including wood, plastic, metal, acrylic, glass, triplex, chipboard, MDF, decorative and vinyl fabrics. We present 3D exhibition stands projects, including drawings, wiring diagrams for lighting and sound systems. The design of exhibition stands is closely linked with the engineering project and the technical solution of the construction. That is why the design and technical teams of our company work as a team.

Advantages of stands

  • Systems differ in shape, appearance and possible use
  • Multiple use is financially significant
  • The modular stand is fast and flexible
  • Extensions and adaptations can be done quickly and easily
  • Different filling panels create a color scheme for the stand
  • Storage and transportation are simple and easy to plan
  • Private stands

The more unique your look, the more attention the visitor will get. Provide your customers with all the world’s experience. When it comes to realizing your needs, there are no limits to our creativity and ideas. The stand is the business card of your company and remains in the minds of your customers.

Advantages of private stands

  • Simple construction
  • Special design using different elements and materials
  • The overall impression creates a unique effect
  • Extra creative options and eye-catching design
  • Specially tailored to your company’s requirements

Exhibition stands in Azerbaijan

You can contact us for any kind of exhibition stand. Presenting your products on the stands at organized exhibitions will have a serious impact on both the recognition of your brand and the sale of products. It also shows the strength of your brand.

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