10 steps to prepare exhibition stands

10 steps to prepare exhibition stands

10 steps to prepare exhibition stands

It can be difficult to design different exhibition stands that not only promote your work, but also make a strong impression. The limited space that can be combined with a large number of participants can limit your visual impact and make it difficult to attract attention. Exhibition stands should be published according to the “attractiveness factor” in order to create immediate recognition and a strong impression. I’m sure you’ve heard it many times, first impressions are really important, especially when it comes to attracting attention. Your company may offer a superior product or service, but if you have little or no visual appeal, potential customers may leave you and fall into the hands of your competitors.

Recommendations for the design of exhibition stands

How can you stand out in a crowded exhibition? Follow our 10 exhibition stand design tips below and make no mistake …

1.Set goals

Set goals before you start designing something. Think about what you want to achieve with exhibition stands and the message you want to deliver. You can design a stand that looks perfect, but if it doesn’t convey your company’s values ​​or doesn’t explicitly express your product or service capabilities, you’re wasting your time. Always remember your goals during the design process, you will not lose your way.

2.Increase the space

Cabinet space for exhibition stands can be limited, so it is important to make full use of the allocated space. Make sure you confirm the dimensions with the organizers so that you know exactly what you need to work on. Improve the appearance of your screen and try to keep the meeting areas behind your booth, making sure there are no physical obstacles or obstructions to the entrance.

3.Maximum visibility

While many exhibition stands have a maximum height, some larger halls have a high ceiling-to-ceiling space. It is useful to check the maximum support height. To attract the attention of the participants and draw them to your stand, add high boards, hanging accessories or a rotating sign tower to get the maximum visibility from the moment they enter the exhibition.

4.Keep the text short

Often, at least more, and when it comes to the texts of exhibition stands, of course it is. The decision is important. If single words give the same message, avoid using long sentences, because no one will stop reading a long text. Instead of listing product information and lists that few people will pay attention to in your signs, use a slogan that people will remember after the event. Make sure you use a clear and large font that is visible from a distance. The position of the text is also important; Place your text in the upper half of your exhibition stand so that it is not blocked by people in your exhibition space.

TIP: Keep your message short and attractive – Action verbs can work especially well.

5.Lighting issues

One issue that is often overlooked is lighting, which plays a very important role in the design of exhibition stands. Lights enhance the aesthetic appeal and, if used properly, can create a different mood and atmosphere depending on the desired result. For example, a company demonstrating new technologies may want to use recessed lighting; It gives a modern feel to coincide with a new and modern product. Think about additional lighting and do not rely on what is provided by the space. Spot lights, backlights and colored lights are a great way to highlight certain areas on your exhibition stand, especially if you want to showcase something special as a new product.

Color lighting is a smart way to create a unique feeling to your exhibition stand, especially when compared to the exhibition stands on both sides.

TIP: Unconsciously convince participants to stand by using angled light boxes at the entrance.

6.Insert pictures

As the old saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

According to Microsoft, we now pay less attention to a goldfish. Stacking images and graphics is a quick and effective way to convey a complex message or idea instead of text. Similar to a text cover for exhibition stands, think carefully about where you put your images; Make sure it can be seen from a distance and not hidden.

TIP: Make a serious impression using large-scale images – they are especially powerful.

7.Consider different materials

Do not hesitate to experiment with the ingredients. By making the right choice, you will create an exhibition stand design that will strengthen your image and attract the attention of your target market. Are you in the technology industry? Maybe you want a modern design and brushed aluminum panels or chrome details can be a good choice. Smooth, plastic molds are also a great way to create a modern and clean feeling. It is a good choice for those in the pharmaceutical or medical industry. Emil Ceramica (below) has created a very creative booth with his own materials.

8.Enter the technology

Technology now plays a big role in everyday life, so why not include it in your trade fair stand?

But how can you incorporate technology?

Product demos are a big part of trade shows because they allow you to put your product in front of your target market. Take the opportunity to demonstrate a live prototype, for example. You can showcase your products by creating a robot bartender who can serve drinks to the participants of an automation company. If you sell bulky products that are impossible to get on the show, why not create a show using virtual reality (vr)?

Touch screens and interactive walls offer visitors a new and exciting experience by sitting in the driver’s seat and interacting with your multimedia content on their own terms. Visitors can explore your “story” and change items such as enlarging or rotating images, playing videos, clicking on text and links. People no longer want to be spectators – they want to be participants. Interactive multimedia screens will sooner or later become a standard feature of all trade fairs.

9.Create an atmosphere

Create a complete atmosphere in your booth with exhibition stands. Combine lights, textures, colors, layout and even smell. By stimulating the feelings of your potential customers, you will gain more attention and stand out from your competitors.

10. Identify your target audience

Define your target audience and always remember it during the design process. If you know who you’re “talking to,” you can focus your concept on their wants and needs; this will pave the way for the best way to deliver your message, product or service. The most aesthetically pleasing exhibition stand is like that part, it can have all the bells and whistles, but if your target audience is not taken into account, you can attract the wrong opportunities and come without seeing the right ones.

Production of exhibition stands in Azerbaijan

For exhibition stands, you should go to a successful trade fair, taking into account each of these recommendations. You can contact the advertising company Pyramid for exhibition stands at these trade fairs.