Neon Advertising | What are the advantages of neon signs?

Neon Advertising | What are the advantages of neon signs?

When it comes to outdoor and indoor advertising for a company, there are many different types of signs you can choose from. One type of sign that has been popular for decades is the neon sign. If you are thinking of using electrical signs to advertise your space, there are a few things to consider

Neon Reklamların Tarixi

History of neon signs

Neon signs exist forever. The first experiments with burning glass pipes took place in the 1600s, although the neon sign, which exists today, has been used for about a hundred years. The neon lamp was invented by a French engineer, and the openness of marketing activities was immediately noticeable. A Parisian hairdresser received the first neon sign only two years later. Neon signs are especially beneficial for small businesses due to the high visibility they offer. It not only differs in the form of combustion, but also allows potential customers to see their place at night. These factors led to the popularity of neon signs in the 1950s and 1960s, when the country was at the peak of its propensity for road trips. In the past, neon lights were created using different gas mixtures, but now many neon lights are created with LED and fiber optic technology.

Points to pay attention to when using neon signs

While neon signs are certainly eye-catching for your business, there are a few things to keep in mind when applying them. First of all, you can’t annoy the people around you by distinguishing your neon sign too much. You should also be careful not to put excessive neon signs, as this can cause visual confusion and make it difficult for potential customers to fully understand the advertising pattern.

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