Come Come advertising balloons | Advertising balloons | Advantages

Come Come advertising balloons | Advertising balloons | Advantages

Come Come advertising balloons | Advertising balloons | Advantages

Come Come Balloon:

Come and come balloons are moving advertising balloons that attract the attention of passers-by for hot selling places such as stores, shops, gas stations. It is possible to apply the brand logo on the Balloon types, which can also be produced in 4 – 5 meters lengths, and to produce them in a unique way according to the brand’s feature. It is possible to produce according to many different demands such as cook man, cook woman, pumper, butcher, milkman. It is possible to produce the gel balloon vinyl tarpaulin or parachute fabric.

Gel balloon is one of the most preferred advertising products with its effective and widespread use as an outdoor advertising product.

Come come Balloon Production Process:

Come-come balloon is produced in different sizes by cutting it according to the requested shape. Before the special cut is made, the vinyl tarpaulin or parachute fabric is printed on, and after the printing, the cut is made according to the special pattern. Logo design is done by our graphic designers. After the approval is received, the sewing process can be carried out after the work that goes to print.

Large advertising spaces can be created with outdoor advertising balloons. Come and come balloons are one of the most effective of the outdoor advertising balloons.

Usage Period :

Balloons are suitable for long-term use due to the durability of the vinyl tarpaulin.

How the Come Gel Balloon Works:

Thanks to a fixed motor on it, it can stand as a result of continuous air blowing. Continuous air supply is required with the volute motor. If there is a power cut, the balloon will land on the ground.

Impressiveness of the Balloon:

Come come balloons attract attention with their large and mobile structures. Due to the nature of its hand, it moves constantly and draws attention to your space. You can increase your sales with this outdoor advertising product, which occupies a small area in front of the store but attracts attention. As your customer base expands, the awareness of the store increases. You can contact us right away for the products that will introduce you the best with its silent fan and beautiful appearance.

While balloons are used as advertising products, they are very effective products in terms of low cost and impressiveness. Contact us for information about other advertising products we produce.