Facade Alcopan

Facade Alkopan works

Facade Alkopan works are designed to change the appearance of the space. Recently, this service is used more and more. Especially large shopping centers, cafes and restaurants use the facade Alkopan works.

fasad isleri

Aluminum composite panels

Another name for alkopan materials is aluminum composite panels. The panels are 0.5 mm thick and consist of pre-painted aluminum sheets. A polymer layer is glued between them. Alkopan materials have several properties: durability, aesthetic appearance, quick and easy installation, elasticity and adaptability to different weather conditions.

Alkopan fasad isler

Facade works

The word facade means the exterior or exterior of a building. Facade outdoor advertising designs are a large structure consisting of a metal frame and a banner net drawn on it. Facades, in addition to aesthetic appearance, should be appropriate to the purpose of the building.

Fasad isleri
Organization of Facade Alkopan works in Azerbaijan

As a company “Pyramid Advertising“, we are also engaged in the work of Facade Alkopan, which is aimed at improving the appearance of objects. We will be happy to prepare your orders, including the work of Facade Alkopan among our services.