Blog / Types of outdoor advertising

-Transparents - 15x1,1 (sometimes 15x1m, 14x1m, 12x1m, 10x1m) with ad information on the highway. Advertisements are made of linen, silk or vinyl.
- Prisms or prismron, prismavision is an advertising device (usually 56 pieces) that combines aluminum prisms (lamellae) within a single lead frame. The billboard advertising area of ​​the billboard, in some sense, is usually 3 x 6 m or 3 x 12.
-Skroller is an advertisement board with built-in lighting. On it, images of 2 to 8 ads alternate automatically in a matter of minutes. Consecutive shifts attract the attention of people and thus maximize the effectiveness of advertising. When the image is displayed on the screen, the owner of the scooter will determine the time.
- Billboards - an independent design for placing large-scale advertising ads.
-Dump advertising devices
-Lightboxes (lightbox)
- Special metal structures fastened to the wall and so on.